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En.Hj.Mohd. Nazim Bin Hj Awang
The Principal's Message

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (Felda) Lepar Hilir has a history of academic success for many of its students. Our goal this year or the years ahead is to expand and coordinate our efforts within the administration so that all our students are given maximum input which will prepare them for the internal and national examinations. Then we hope they will be challenged and reach their goals. As we examine our curriculum programs, we plan to improve(in fact we are implementing it now) our classroom teaching strategies, to make the curriculum more relevant according to the standard, and to monitor each student so he/she can be prepared for their future life.

Indeed we are optimistic about the future. Our staff is trained and briefed to using the new methods in classroom teaching in such a way the learning become more interesting and students are focused on learning. I truly believe everyone in my staff is now working hand-in-hand to pursue our goals. And hopefully the result of this will be a succesful, patriotic, disciplined and responsible studens for the nation. Lastly, I would like to say thanks to En. Masri Abdul Wahab who has worked very hard for creating our school homepage.


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