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We would like to thank the for providing the space for our school's homepage.It would be impossible for our homepage to be viewed by others on 24-hour basis without Tripod kindness for giving us 2MB space for free on their servers. Viewers of this page also can become members of Tripod by visiting Tripod main page. Also, look at the Tripod ads on the bottom of this page. Again thanks to all the guys there at Tripod.
Thanks to Advanced(Pusat Komputer) in Kuantan Pahang for giving us advice on the technical aspects of computer which made it possible for us to create our own homepage on the WWW. Mr. Raymond Lim of Advanced Computer Services can be contacted at 09-5159088 or his address at B46, Lrg. Tun Ismail 5, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang. H/P 018-8969088

To our students at SM Lepar Hilir who have contributed their ideas, the principal who keep on encouraging us and En. Masri Abdul Wahab who typed and edited all the texts of this homepage until it was finally done on April 1997.
For the JavaScript we are using here on our pages, we would like to credit Frederick from Denmark, Ishito from Japan and Shiran brothers from USA. Since some of the JavaScript are copyrighted we put a statement on every line of the HTML where the copyrights are present or stated.

We feel regreted if we failed to mention credits to other parties which are not shown on this page. Please send comments to Administrator if you think parts of our pages are not credited where credits should be given