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                                                       PERCUMA(B.M).....Masri Homepage.

I minta maaf sebab I cakap Bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris campur. So, you are looking for free homepages, free guest books, free counters and free softwares. You have just got the right page for that kind of information. There're no applets, java or frames or whatever here, I know you want information on free stuffs not the cool side of designing a web page. See, loading my page is as fast as 2 seconds if your're using the right tools for internet. I'm not an advertising agent here, therefore, I don't get a penny out of it. I tak dapat satu sen pun, nak tolong saja.

Please do not sign up for any free "things" on the internet until you understand the requirements by the providers. Normally, the providers hate abuses of their services for example pornographic(gambaq lucah) contents on your homepage. If you don't believe me you can try once and you'll end up with your page deleted by their robots without notice.

Once you sign up for free service don't take for granted that you can have that particular services for as long as you want. Sometimes, the providers terminate their services to you for a lot of reasons. Pastikan anda pilih yang boleh dipercayai sahaja. I dah kena. Don't get upset if it happen to you. Just find another one of your choice somewhere else. Good luck!!! Selamat berjaya..


Larc Sites. Larc is happy to give you 1MB with online editor or create your page using HTML of your own. This site is new and why not sign it now. Yang ini you simpan fail you atas planet, jadi, I pun tak tahu. Cuma tempat ini baru, kot-kot you simpan fail you sini nanti jatuh balik atas tanah.

Tripod Sites. This site gives 200k. You can create your own homepage in a minute using their editor. You can have your basic counter and guest book here. Kalau fail you kecik yang ini pun cukup, loading pun cepat juga.

Geocities. This provider gives you 2MB. You can edit using their three different editors. You can upload multiples files now . I syorkan yang ini sebab "loading pages" cepat

Cybercity. The provider gives you 5MB. Using ftp for transferring files. Yang ini perlahan sikit bila buka page. Tapi kalau you banyak fail elok ambil yang ini.

Others: Angelfire, Toptown,

FREE GUEST BOOK:   Lpage, Goodies, Pietts (now closed)

FREE COUNTERS:   Webtracker(Yang ini bagus, ada statistik tapi gambaq anjing) , Pagecount, Digit, JCOUNTER, Russian Counters (Yang ini dia kira nombor kelam-kabut)

Or if you have something to say why not sign my guestbook . Kalau you tak tanda buku I mana I tahu you siapa, jadi, tanda ajelah.